Installing Office 365 on Remote Desktop Server Server is relatively straight forward process.

You would need to use Office 2016 Deployment tools to install Office 365.

Download Office 2016 Deployment Tools

Run the Installer and Extract files.

Microsoft Office 2016 setup

You will have get a Setup.exe and sample configuration.xml file

Update Configuration.xml File with source path, Display, and ShareComputerLicensing (since we are using it on shared terminal server).

Office Deployment Tool configuration.xml

Note that You would need to update the source path and ensure that you have appropriate rights to save the files to the share location.

You can remove the following section from the xml file

Office Deployment Tool configuration.xml

Now, we need to run setup.exe with 2 different switches

Office Deployment Tool commands

You would now need to run 2 commands using ODT

  1. To download Office 365 Proplus
  2. To Install Office 365 Proplus

You do have a choice to use local offline installer or package, however, in this case we are going to download Office 365 from internet

Setup.exe /download configuration.xml

Setup.exe /configure configuration.xml

This would install the Office 365 components. You can also use exclude packages within office 365 for example skype for business, access, etc. For more information, kindly check Office Deployment Tool help.

That’s it guys. You can now add Office 365 apps into publish apps in Remote Desktop Collections and present it to the users.

Hope you will find it useful.