Ever seen “limited access and no internet connectivity” dialog box?

I noticed that we were getting “connection was unsuccessful and limited connectivity” message whenever we connect to wireless.

No matter which wireless network we tried, internal, external, home, 3G/4G, hotspot the problem remained.

limited access and no internet connectivity

A quick internet search shows some popular posts for the possible fix here and here

We tried some of suggested solution like one below.

  • Check if the client PC is set to get IP address automatically
  • Release/Renew the IP address

limited connectivity - APIPA address

  • Delete and Recreate the Wireless Profile
  • Updated the Wireless Drivers
  • Isolating Anti-Virus etc.
  • Reset the TCP/IP stack using netsh int ip reset
  • Even call the Lenovo Support

The problem remained Limited access and no internet connectivity.

Now some of the above solutions may fix your issue. Our issue was little more complicated.

wireless limited access

The Support, said, to format and rebuild the PC.

Hmmm……. Interesting solution but that’s for some other day.

I didn’t decide to go with the format and rebuild solution though it was inconvenient not to have Wi-Fi and do my work.

So another attempt to resolve the issue.

I was looking for some not so obvious answers, as the first instinct we do a google or bing search and see the first 3 or 4 posts for the answers… popular fixes. Btw, which works most of the time.

This solution to this issue wasn’t in first of the few posts.

I started to look at the TCP/IP stack protocols/drivers, and I noticed 2 unfamiliar drivers

Wireless adpated settings

Npcap Packet Drive (NPCAP), A NDIS 6 filter driver WFP callout driver to support packet capturing and sending under Windows 7, 8, 10

DNE LightWeight Filter, Citrix DNE LightWeight Filter Driver

The first driver was related to packet capturing tool Wireshark and the second one related to Citrix. They must have been left over from some testing, and I decide to disable them.

Once I disabled them, guess what, the Wi-Fi connected flawlessly.

I was relieved that I don’t have to format the PC and rebuilding and recovering the data.

Hope this helps you in someway.