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What ! You don’t have permissions to access this folder

If you have permissioned your folders the right way and now trying to access the folders, you may notice the prompt

You can launch an elevated CMD prompt and browse to the directory without any issues.

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Import Hyper-v VM into AWS EC2

AWS started in year 2006 and has been growing consistently providing over 70 different services with their most popular AWS EC2 (elastic compute) and AWS S3 (simple storage service). AWS has been proven a huge success for companies of all size where they want to either move their dev and qa to AWS, or want to try out building new services without having to spend a vast amount of capital procuring IT hardware or they want to move their production environment to AWS or even legacy applications to AWS without having to go through hardware refresh for legacy apps.

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Why System Volume Information Folder size is so huge and how to reduce it?

Storage space is cheap however that doesn’t mean you can throw a lot of storage without bothering what is taking up space. Recently, one of my clients in manufacturing space has his on-premise servers running out of the disk space. I have looked into obvious locations where space could be recovered like recycle.bin, temp folders, log directories etc. Usually I use Tree Size Free to see size of all folders. It’s pretty nifty utility and shows the size of folders in descending order.

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How to setup Shares – The Right Way

Often File Shares have been used to store company and user profile data. There is a need to setup File Shares in a way that make them secure without adding too much administrative overhead and to optimize ever growing need of terabytes of storage. That’s what I am going to show you guys how can we achieve

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Step by Step Cross Forest Secure WiFi Setup using IAS

One of the key factor of success during any migration project is to make end user experience as smooth as possible. In a large heterogeneous environment that’s always a challenge. So while working on the Active Directory cross forest migration project, I noticed that post test migrations, user’s pc wouldn’t latch on to wireless network and I would get the “Unable to connect to the network”. A simple restart didn’t fix this issue.

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