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MouseMove – Prevent PC from Sleeping

You are prudent to avoid waste of electricity by implementing the most successful power plan for your end point. Kudos for that.

Should your end point goes to sleep due to ideal time, your process will either get stalled or terminated, and you won’t be happy about it, the next morning.

I am sure you have run into such situations before. What do you do in such cases? Time for innovation. Put a slightly heavy object on a keyboard keys, preferably space bar with notepad open, that would keep your sessions always active.

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Active Directory Password Audit for Geeks & Freaks

Humans, though they may be slow but they are expert at beating all kinds of smart systems eventually : ). IMO, users like to keep simple to remember and yet complex passwords. As a security ninja with star darts, of your organization, the last thing that you want to happen would be a user account getting compromised because he kept his password as “Password21”

You may have complex active directory password policy enabled along with minimum password length, bad password count, account lockout duration, and conservative security practices, etc. and yet you may fail Active Directory Password Audit for weak passwords.

This is where Active Directory audit for weak passwords helps and implement security measures that discourage or even disallow use of easily guessable complex passwords.

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Fix limited access and no internet connectivity in Windows 7

Ever seen “limited access and no internet connectivity” dialog box?

I noticed that we were getting “connection was unsuccessful and limited connectivity” message whenever we connect to wireless.

No matter which wireless network we tried, internal, external, home, 3G/4G, hotspot the problem remained.

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Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials – There was an issue configuring the integration

One of my clients called me up and informed that they are facing issue with Windows Server 2012 R2 Essential integration with Azure Active Directory and Office 365.

They were getting “There was an issue configuring the integration” with Azure AD and Office 365

There was an issue configuring the integration

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Step by Step Install Office 365 on Remote Desktop Server

Installing Office 365 on Remote Desktop Server Server is relatively straight forward process.

You would need to use Office 2016 Deployment tools to install Office 365.

Download Office 2016 Deployment Tools

Run the Installer and Extract files.

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Access Windows File Server with Alternate Names

You have a fancy name for Windows File Server and you thought, why not use a fancier name for the File Server. You went to the DNS and created a cname record, let say

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