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How to delete – Destination Path Too Long

Well, it’s fairly simple to delete files and folder with destination path too long and name. In windows world, you will act a little over smart and witty, map the path as mapped drive and delete the file/folder. But what if, you have a billion files (may be that’s little bit too much 🙂 ) that you need to remove, you can’t keep mapping the drive and deleting the files.

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AWS Billing and Cost Management Tools

Monday morning, got an email from (It’s a cloud training website) on AWS Billing and Cost Management Tools.

It’s a 28-page ebook filled with info on how to optimise your AWS costs using AWS provided tools and reports.

Here is a brief intro from the book.

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Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials – There was an issue configuring the integration

One of my clients called me up and informed that they are facing issue with Windows Server 2012 R2 Essential integration with Azure Active Directory and Office 365.

They were getting “There was an issue configuring the integration” with Azure AD and Office 365

There was an issue configuring the integration

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Step by Step Install Office 365 on Remote Desktop Server

Installing Office 365 on Remote Desktop Server Server is relatively straight forward process.

You would need to use Office 2016 Deployment tools to install Office 365.

Download Office 2016 Deployment Tools

Run the Installer and Extract files.

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How to Migrate DirSync to Azure AD Connect to New Active Directory Forest

DirSync provides synchronisation between on-premise Active Directory to Office 365 Azure AD.

So here is the scenario where will migrate Dirsync to Azure AD Connect  in new Active Directory Forest. We have one of our customers using DirSync on old Active Directory domain. Users & Computers have been migrated to new Active Directory Forest. Now, it was the time to move from DirSync to Azure AD Connet onto the new forest. During the transition, we kept legacy domain dirsync turned on.

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Access Windows File Server with Alternate Names

You have a fancy name for Windows File Server and you thought, why not use a fancier name for the File Server. You went to the DNS and created a cname record, let say

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